New Venue for the IW Chamber’s Biggest Expo Ever!

The IW Chamber’s Business Expo, sponsored by WightFibre, took place at Ryde School and has been declared the best expo ever. With a record-breaking number of exhibitors and attendees, this event has become a highlight in the business community calendar, offering top-quality networking opportunities in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable event…

A Bigger and Better Expo:

The latest IW Chamber’s Business Expo surpassed all expectations with its impressive scale and success. More than 60 local businesses showcased their offerings in a specially erected marquee at Ryde School, attracting hundreds of visitors. The decision to move the event to Ryde brought it closer to the town centre, resulting in increased footfall and a vibrant atmosphere. With excellent facilities and delightful food, both exhibitors and attendees were thrilled with the venue.

The Chief Executive of IW Chamber, Steven Holbrook, expressed his excitement about the overwhelming response. He noted that the sunny weather added to the event’s already buzzing energy. The larger number of businesses participating in this year’s expo was a testament to its growing popularity. Holbrook extended his gratitude to the exhibitors, sponsors, and the Chamber for their support in making the event a grand success.

Networking in Paradise:

Expo attendees had the opportunity to interact with a wide range of businesses and organisations from various sectors. From local authorities to technology firms, hospitality, media, and charities, there was something for everyone. Informal networking reached new heights as visitors basked in the sunshine, engaging in conversations on the lawn while comfortably seated on deckchairs. It was a true celebration of Island business, fostering connections and collaboration.

WightFibre’s CEO, John Irvine, opened the Expo by emphasising the company’s commitment to supporting the local community and the Chamber. As the proud sponsor of the largest business event on the Island, WightFibre’s contribution has helped the Expo grow in size and reach a broader audience, benefiting the entire business community.

A Diverse Display of Island Businesses:

The Expo showcased an impressive lineup of local businesses, each highlighting their unique offerings and services. Among the exhibitors were WightFibre, Alex Tana Coaching, All Things Printed, The Isle of Wight College, Bembridge Powerboat Training, and many more. This diverse group of participants reflected the entrepreneurial spirit and economic vitality of the Isle of Wight.

Looking Towards the Future:

With such overwhelming success, the organisers are already planning for an even bigger and better Expo next year. The positive feedback received so far has encouraged the Chamber to expand and enhance the event further, ensuring its continued growth and relevance in the business community.

The IW Chamber’s Business Expo with WightFibre has undoubtedly become the Island’s premier networking event, attracting a record number of exhibitors and visitors. The collaboration between businesses, sponsors, and the Chamber has transformed this event into an opportunity for community building, showcasing the best that Island businesses have to offer. As the Expo looks toward the future, it promises to continue its mission of fostering connections, supporting local enterprises, and promoting the thriving business landscape on the Isle of Wight.

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