September’s What’s On

This week we have 5 of the latest releases that everyone will be talking about. This time the offerings come from Netflix and Amazon…

Ratched – Netflix

This brand new 8 part drama from Netflix is the prequel to the popular 1975 film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Reunited with American Horror Story creator, Ryan Murphy, Sarah Paulson plays a younger version of the infamous Nurse Ratched – who originally rose to fame when played by the Oscar-winning Louise Fletcher.

Other stars in this gripping, thrilling drama include Judy Davis, Don Cheadle, Sharon Stone, Rosanna Arquette and Sophie Okonedo.

Netflix are so confident in this new hit that Season 2 was commissioned before Season 1 was even released.

Enola Holmes – Netflix

‘My Mother named me Enola, which backwards spells Alone… and yet, we were always together’ – Meet Millie Bobby Brown who is playing fictional private detective, Sherlock’s sister Enola Holmes.

This new British-based drama from Netflix follows the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ 16-year-old little sister, somewhat of a sleuth in her own right.

British co-stars in this include Helen Bonham Carter, Fiona Shaw and Frances de la Tour. Sam Clafli and Adeel Akhtar round out the fantastic British cast.

Netflix actually released this new series via Twitter, with the sneaky anagram: ‘alone loshme reeebtpms wnettyrhitd’, meaning ‘Enola Holmes September Twenty third’).

Utopia – Amazon

From the 25th of September, John Cusack stars in this Amazon remake of Channel 4’s 2013 black comedy, Utopia.

Another 8 part series, which was created and scripted by Gone Girl writer Gillian Flynn, it sticks to the original concept of a group of relatable and friendly geeks running a comic that to everyone’s shock, correctly predicts… a global pandemic.

The original Channel 4 Utopia, also featuring Adeel Akhtar and quite a lot of violence, is also available to stream via Amazon, but not with Prime Video (it requires purchasing).

Farmageddon – Amazon

One for all of the family with laughs throughout, Shaun the Sheep’s second movie does not disappoint. Shaun goes on a mission to get an alien home who has crash landed near Mossy Bottom Farm home. It’s a race against time as there is a secret agency out to contain her (the alien).

As a mischievous Shaun the Sheep orders in pizza for his flock under the nose of the Farmer, and Bitzer the sheepdog, a mysterious and fast-moving UFO flys out of the sky and crashes down to Earth.

Fun Fact: Justin Fletcher, aka Mr Tumble is the voice of Timmy and Shaun the Sheep!

Social Dilemma

Set in the darkness of Silicon Valley, The Social Dilemma is an ingenious mixture of investigative documentary set alongside enlightening narrative drama.

Expert testimony from tech whistle-blowers from all the big players such as Google, Facebook and Instagram, exposes the severity of our current social media ethics.

Big Tech provides-search engines, networks, instant information, etc. -are show to be merely the carrot and stick that lures us to engage in meaningful interactions, which in turn monetizes tech giants in ways you probably never even considered. A must watch, especially if you feel you spend to much time on social media apps or you have young children that are starting to ask what it’s all about.

That’s all for September’s top watches, join us in a few weeks time for October’s picks and please do let us know on Facebook or Twitter what you have been watching.

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