Struggling with ‘Veganuary’? Here’s 5 Top Vegan Blogs for Inspiration

  1. It all started off so well, but are you starting to lack inspiration? Well we’ve compiled our favourite top 5 Vegan-inspired blogs for you to help you enjoy the rest of your ‘Veganuary’! – Mash Topped Chilli Pie (Vegan)

  1. Veggie Runners
    Mother and daughter Jayne & Bibi Rogers from Leeds are mad about running and equally fanatical about Vegetarian food. That said, their blog has something for every taste – a great mix of healthy, protein-focused meals, and some naughty sweet treats.
  2. Naturally Ella
    Erin Alderson’s father had a heart-attack at just 45 years old and this was part of her inspiration to put down the fast and processed food and to start sharing healthy and nutrious creations. Erin’s refreshing approach to vegetarian and vegan cooking feels more like a journal, less like an example.
  3. Post Punk Kitchen
    This fun and colourful vegan blog by Brooklynite Isa is one of the most acheivable out there, with deep-set ethical reasons behind meat & dairy-free cooking. It’s exceptionally useful if you’re on the hunt for vegan bakes & puddings.
  4. 101 Cookbooks
    Heidi Swanson is one of the big players of the blogosphere and she began 101 Cookbooks in 2003 with the aim to work her way through her huge collection of cookery books (thus the 101 part). 17 years on & Heidi still cooks from the books, but it’s her own wholegrain, vegetarian recipes that really shine.
  5. My New Roots
    Sarah Brittain is of the Kinfolk tribe, Toronto-born and Copenhagen based, so this is a good place to start if multi-cultural flavours are your thing. Sarah is also a holistic nutritionist, making this blog a great read, her recipes are actually super simple and straight-forward.


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