December’s Top (non-festive!) Releases

We’re loving Christmas and the festivities that go along with it all, but sometimes you just want a break and a new series or film to really get your teeth into, so here are our latest viewing recommendations which are coming to a screen near you this month!


This is David Fincher’s biopic of legendary screenwriter Herman J Mankiewicz and is a joy to watch, its monochrome visuals reflect the Hollywood era that it depicts perfectly. Gary Oldman plays the well-known heavy drinking, quick-witted satirist, who’s clashes with William Randolph Hearst inspired his and Orson Welles’ screenplay for Citizen Kane.

Netflix: Showing now

Moonbase 8

Tim Heidecker, John C Reilly, and Fred Armisen make up a team of hilarious would-be astronauts training in Nasa’s mock-up lunar base. The three actors have also contributed to writing this new series, which should stand it in good stead. The three amigos harbour dreams of one day being picked for an actual moon mission, but sadly their shenanigans and idiocy seems to leave them destined to remain firmly on Earth for the foreseeable.

NowTV / Sky: December (date tbc)

The Expanse

This highly accredited sci-fi series returns for its fifth season this month. If you haven’t seen it yet, the easiest comparison may be Game of Thrones, but set in space, and with less big-name actors. The story line is that the disparate factions have now returned, intent on teaching the ‘inners’ a lesson, our heroes must again hop aboard their vessel, the ‘Rocinante’ to see if all can be saved.

Amazon Prime: Showing from 16th December

The Midnight Sky

In this whopper of a Christmas release, George Clooney plays an Artic-based researcher who finds himself in the aftermath of a disaster. He then has to go on to warn the inhabitants of a space station not to attempt to return to Earth as planned. The cast of this film includes David Oyelowo and Felicity Jones. You will notice some big name films hitting Netflix in the coming month and this among other is part of a big push to gain some Oscar-worthy titles.

Netflix: Showing from 23rd December

That’s all for December’s (non-festive!) releases, join us in a few weeks time for a look ahead at what will be hitting our screens in 2021 and please do let us know on Facebook or Twitter what you have been watching or are looking forward to seeing in the New Year.

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