2021 – UK’s Top Uses for Broadband!

For most, the thought of not having a reliable internet connection in 2021 is unfathomable and if you’re already a Wightfibre customer then you’ll already know that this is something we excel at providing! But why do people need broadband and what do they use it for? Over the last year the demand has increased for the purpose of learning or working from home, but here’s the top reasons that people find themselves surfing the web…

Search & Research

This is a very broad term which can cover anything from your children’s homework to shopping for shoes on your tablet in the evening. The beauty of researching online is that you can compare opinions, prices, source authenticity and not have to carry heavy catalogues home or piles of books from the library.


Access to 24/7 news updates have never been more important and you can now even have the latest news pinged to your phone as it breaks. More people consume the news over the internet now than by reading newspapers or watching the news on television, mainly because people want to know what’s happening in real-time. If you find it all a bit overwhelming, perhaps reduce your notifications and take time out using app tools like the ones listed in our Mindfulness blog.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, the list of social media platforms is beginning to seem endless now and the majority of UK internet users have at least one account on one platform which they log into at least twice a month. In a year where we have been forcibly distanced from our family, friends and colleagues, some would say it’s been a godsend and a lifeline, especially if you’re alone at this time. Like it or loathe it, social media is here to stay and when you can carry your friends around in your pocket and talk to them whenever you like, we can see why.

Work & Education

Work and education have been transformed throughout the last year and the use of available technology has rocketed whilst we all try to adapt to the ‘new norm’. Whether it’s Google Classrooms, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or another form of conference call, it’s probably safe to say you or your children have been involved in a call with colleagues or classmates over the last few months. Then of course, we have services such as BBC Bitesize, which offers children access to essential key stage learning during lockdown and others that have joined the trend such as National Geographic. If you still need some ideas, check out our Home Learning blog which may include some free resources that you’ve missed.


A whopping 85% of surfers are sending and receiving emails (electronic mail). Whether for personal or business use, access to an email account is now overtaking postal communication, especially for those services offering paperless correspondence. No more hunting for letters around the house, instant 24/7 access, cost-effective and more eco-friendly – so why wouldn’t you?


We briefly touched on this earlier, but for obvious reasons, online sales have gone through the roof since this time last year! Even your local corner shop is probably offering sales online, even if it’s ‘just’ a click and collect service. The internet has SAVED many businesses that may have otherwise been forced to close down after seeing footfall reduce to zero for months on end, so next time you go to order your supermarket shop, just take a moment to stop and consider whether there’s a local business that you could get all or some of your staple products from, it means more to our community than one may think.

Downloading Files

Downloading files is a biggy – be it for gaming, work related content, music, the list is endless. A reliable, fast broadband speed is essential for downloading (and uploading) files from the internet. It shouldn’t take you hours to download or upload content, if it does then you need to perform a speedtest. We pride ourselves on providing the fastest broadband service on the Isle of Wight, if you haven’t checked yet, then see how we can help you.


Gaming has been a growing industry now for around 30 years (yes, that long!), and with the recent release of consoles such as the Playstation 5, Xbox S & X Series, Nintendo Switch, Oculus and Google’s Stadia, you’d be hard pushed as a gamer to get by without an internet connection. The Google Stadia in fact, streams its games meaning that a fast and strong connection is absolutely paramount to an enjoyable gaming experience. If you have gamers in your house that have been complaining about lagging and slow downloads, then we have dedicated packages for enhanced gaming, just take a look.

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