A Wave of Support for Isle of Wight Youth

In an exciting collaboration aimed at empowering Isle of Wight’s youth, WightFibre has teamed up with local youth charity UKSA to sponsor the branding of a fleet of electric vans for the Test the Water Programme WightFibre sponsors. These vans, freshly adorned with vibrant livery and decals, are set to revolutionise how UKSA reaches out to the community. Join us as we explore this exciting partnership and the positive impact it promises to have on the Island’s young sailors and water sports enthusiasts…

A Fleet of Eco-Friendly Champions!

Say hello to ‘WATTson, Usain Volt, Noah’s Spark, Wight Lightning, and Watt’s Up’ – the dynamic quintet comprising UKSA’s new electric van fleet! These sleek and eco-friendly vehicles are not only set to take students to and from the ferries but also to transport them to exciting windsurfing adventures and beyond. Thanks to our sponsorship, these vans are now freshly branded and ready to make a splash across the Isle of Wight.

Empowering Isle of Wight Youth

UKSA is more than just a youth charity – it’s a beacon of hope for young sailors and water sports enthusiasts across the Island. By introducing children to the joys of sailing and associated career paths, UKSA opens up a world of possibilities and opportunities. With their new fleet, UKSA can now expand its reach even further, ensuring that more young people have access to the transformative experiences and skills that the charity provides.

Spreading Awareness for UKSA

With their eye-catching livery proudly displaying the UKSA logo, these electric vans are more than just vehicles – they’re mobile ambassadors for the charity’s mission. Whether they’re cruising through Cowes or parked at a windswept beach, ‘WATTson and the Gang’ are sure to turn heads and spark conversations about the incredible work that UKSA does. So, if you happen to spot them in the wild, be sure to give them a wave – you never know whose life they might be touching next!

Test the Water at UKSA