To infinity and beyond!

In recent years, interest in astronomy has taken off thanks to it being more accessible to the average person by means of digital media. If you’re a budding astronomer, but aren’t sure where to start looking, this revamped site with its friendly, chatty tone will have you navigating the night sky and its stars in no time.

The easy to use site explains how to get started with your star-gazing, providing a wealth of information – from choosing your first telescope and spotting planets, to showing a map of the sky with in-depth views of objects such as comets, meteors and the Moon.

As well as practical information, the site also offers you an insight into current space missions, probes and robots. There’s even a fun section that shows how you can make a sundial or recreate the Moon’s cratered surface. With the addition of fascinating videos and fun facts, we think this site is out of this world – see for yourself.