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152Mb - The Island's fastest broadband

Can you handle the speed?

If you’re a power Internet user, or have a large family who all use the Internet at the same time then this is the best possible Internet experience available. It doesn’t get better than this…

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Are you the #fastestiw? Find out how fast your broadband is with our Island broadband speed test website.

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Save Money All Year On Amazon

Amazon has become a household name in recent years, offering quick delivery, easy returns and often the lowest prices around. We say often because they can tend to fluctuate a lot, which can be very frustrating! But now there is a website which enables you to wait for the best possible price...

Ben Announces Third Imperial March

Stormtrooper Ben Allen has this week updated eager followers from a field in Bowcombe with their 2019 Imperial March plans. Ben took to Facebook with his support team, Matt and Simon to announce that they will be...