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152Mb - The Island's fastest broadband

Can you handle the speed?

If you’re a power Internet user, or have a large family who all use the Internet at the same time then this is the best possible Internet experience available. It doesn’t get better than this…

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Test your broadband speed

Are you the #fastestiw? Find out how fast your broadband is with our Island broadband speed test website.

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April's website recommendation: Health For Kids

According to the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child health, there is no reliable evidence linking time spent onscreen with obesity and depression in children. This is just as well, because this colourful and engaging website encourages children aged from four to eleven to...

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Stream films - for free!

Fancy a movie night that won’t cost you a penny? Here's where to watch blockbusters, Oscar-winners and classic films online – legally and for free.

Best New Chrome Browser Tools

Google's latest Chrome update, version 73, introduces several new tools, including enhanced sync settings, web-app notification badges and keyboard playback controls for all media players. Of particular interest is...