WightFibre Home Broadband Speed Guarantee 

What is our Broadband Speed Guarantee? 

  • We will provide you with the headline speed advertised for your package. The speed guarantee covers residential packages as follows:
    • Full-Fibre 100 – 100Mbps download, 100Mbps upload. 
    • Full-Fibre 150 – 150Mbps download, 150Mbps upload,
    • Full-Fibre 300 – 300Mbps download, 300Mbps upload. 
    • Full-Fibre 500 – 500Mbps download, 500Mbps upload. 
    • Full-Fibre 900 – 900Mbps download, 900Mbps upload. 
  • The headline speed is the minimum speed guaranteed to your WightFibre provided Plume Gateway, even during the usual “busy” times of the day. 
  • If you report slow speeds to us and we are unable to fix the speed back to the guaranteed speed for your package within 30 days, we will give you a £100 credit on your next bill. 
  • The guarantee only applies when your WightFibre Plume Gateway is connected to the internet and cannot be used in conjunction with any other service guarantee. 
  • Only Speed tests run on the WightFibre Plume Gateway are valid, and only when the connection is “idle.” “Idle” speed tests are run automatically from the WightFibre Plume Gateway when no other device connected to the network is consuming bandwidth. 

 What is not covered by our Home Broadband Speed Guarantee? 

  • Use of your own Gateway/Router device. 
  • If your WightFibre Plume Gateway is no longer present or is removed under normal use. 
  • Speed tests run from a device other than the WightFibre provided Plume Gateway. This includes speed tests from a hardwired computer or other device, or from any devices connected via the WiFi. 
  • Speed tests run when other devices within the network are consuming bandwidth. 
  • Speed tests influenced by a different fault within the WightFibre network, such as loss of connection. 
  • If you have a FibreTwist modem and you have devices plugged into the modem that can use the internet connection. 
  • If you have the Genexis “DRG” router and you have devices plugged into the router or are using WiFi on the router that can use the internet connection. 

Why may I not receive the full package speed at my device? 

  • Other devices on your network may consume bandwidth at the same time, therefore reducing the available speed to the device you are running a speed test on. 
  • For high speeds, the limiting factor may be with the device itself. For example, high CPU usage during the test, not having the latest updates or simply the device may not be capable of the speed. 

Who is Eligible? 

  • All customers who purchase one of the following WightFibre residential Full-Fibre broadband packages and have a WightFibre Plume Gateway:
    • Full-Fibre 100
    • Full-Fibre 150 
    • Full-Fibre 300 
    • Full-Fibre 500 
    • Full-Fibre 900 

How does the guarantee work? 

  • When you purchase your Full-Fibre broadband package for your home, the minimum guaranteed speed will be detailed. This is the headline speed for the package and corresponds to the speed shown in the package name. 
  • During your installation, our technicians will install a WightFibre Plume Gateway. This will perform speed tests regularly throughout the day, every day, when the broadband connection is “idle,” and no devices connected to your home network are using bandwidth. 
  • You can view the results of the speed tests using the WightFibre HomePass app, you can see up to the last 30 days of speed test results. 
  • If the HomePass app shows lower than the guaranteed speed results, you will need to inform us so that we can resolve any issues. It is important to note that the WightFibre HomePass app will also show any manual speed tests that you have performed using the app, and these may not be when the connection is “idle.” 
  • If after 30 days we are unable to resolve your speed issue, you can get a one-off credit on your next bill. The amount credited will be £100. 

How do I claim my credit if I do not have sufficient speed to my WightFibre Plume Gateway? 

  • If you do not have the guaranteed speed for your package, contact us on 01983 242424 and if we are unable to resolve the issue within 30 days, we will arrange for a one-off credit of £100 to be applied to your next bill.