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Isle of Wight Historic Maps – Newport Before the Roundabout.

November 8, 2014
Head to My Historic Map to view Ordinance survey maps from the glory days. You can explore and preview archives dating back to 1839. Check out Newport before the roundabout.
Andrew Turners Recent Voting Record

Does Andrew Turner MP Agree with You?

November 6, 2014
Many MPs claim to represent their constituents views but they really? This website will tell.
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What's on TV?

George Clooney returns as Danny Ocean in the third of the crime comedies. When their old pal Reuben (Elliott Gould) has a heart attack after being double-crossed by scheming businessman Willie Bank (Al Pacino), Danny Ocean's team of gifted grifters reunite to get their own back.

Ocean's Thirteen

Wednesday 3rd December at 19:30
itv2 - Film
Life Story
David Attenborough explores how animals attempt to overcome the challenges that face them at each of the six crucial stages of life as they strive towards ultimate success - passing on their genes.

Life Story

Thursday 27th November at 21:00
BBC 1 - Nature
Living on The Edge
Documentary with anthropologist and filmmaker Chris Terrill in which he ventures to some of the planet's most extreme environments.

Living on The Edge

Wednesday 3rd December at 19:00
Channel 5 - Documentary