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Isle of Wight Historic Maps – Newport Before the Roundabout.

November 8, 2014
Head to My Historic Map to view Ordinance survey maps from the glory days. You can explore and preview archives dating back to 1839. Check out Newport before the roundabout.
Andrew Turners Recent Voting Record

Does Andrew Turner MP Agree with You?

November 6, 2014
Many MPs claim to represent their constituents views but they really? This website will tell.
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What's on TV?

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
The third installment of the family animation comedy sees Manny the mammoth, Diego the sabre-toothed tiger and Sid the sloth journey far from home to a world that is ruled by dinosaurs.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Sunday 30th November at 17:45
Channel 4 - Film
17 Kids and Counting
This new film catches up with the Radfords, Britain's biggest family, over the course of a year.

17 Kids and Counting

Tuesday 2nd December at 21:00
Channel 4 - Documentary
Remember Me
Michael Palin stars in this three-part contemporary ghost story set in Yorkshire.

Remember Me

Sunday 30th November at 21:00
BBC 1 - Drama