1000Mb Broadband – Another Island First From Wightfibre

WightFibre have announced yet another Island first with news that ten new homes in Wootton will benefit from 1000Mb broadband delivered through fibre optic cable which is laid directly into the properties. 1000Mb is over 30 times the UK average, 6.5 times faster than WightFibre’s previous fastest speed and nearly 13 times faster than BT’s fastest speed. This installation is to demonstrate the capability of WightFibre’s network ahead of a rollout of these speeds across the whole cable network over the next few years.

The Wiltons Wooton 1000Mb Blog WightFibreThe new development, to be named The Wiltons, will comprise of ten new two and three bedroom homes in a cul-de-sac in Wootton. They are designed to be contemporary, finished to a high standard and desirable whilst remaining affordable and spacious. The Wiltons are also confirmed as being available under the Government’s ‘Help To Buy’ scheme.

Having a 1000Mb connection means new home owners will be able to download movies and music in seconds, watch content in more than one room and use streaming services such as Netflix flawlessly.

Pete Collinge of WightFibre has been excited to talk about this latest step towards providing the whole Island with Wightfibre’s super-fast services:

We have always had a reputation of pushing the boundaries of communications across the Island and this is another first that will allow owners of these new properties to receive the full fibre experience and endless online possibilities as never before.” – Pete Collinge, WightFibre Sales Director

Wooton Estate agents are delighted to be offering up to 1000Mb broadband and Director Ben Williams explained the importance of fast connections to potential home buyers in this day and age:

The option of the 1000Mb broadband has been part of our sales features as we now live in a digital age where internet speeds are now becoming a more essential consideration to anyone purchasing a home.” – Ben Williams, Wootton Estate Agents Director

In 2018, WightFibre will begin work to bring speeds of up to 1000Mb across the entire cable network. It is planned this work will be completed by 2020.

You can find out more about The Wiltons development over on Wootton Estate agent’s site and see what WightFibre services your home or business can benefit from by clicking here.