August’s Top 5 Free Apps – Summer Holiday Special

The weather may seem to have forgotten that it’s the Summer Holidays at the moment, but Wightfibre haven’t!

Here are our top five FREE app picks for August and this month they’re all designed for children! From the latest block-buster releases to all-time family favourites, we’ve got them all covered and can hopefully offer you some time to plan those rainy day activities whilst the children enjoy the fantastic games.


If you have small children then you’ll be aware of the latest craze which is Shopkins. This app is the official Shopkins game! Explore the community of Shopville and play mini games which include all of your children’s favourite Shopkins, such as Mike Rophone, Ollie Orange Cake, Britteny Brownie and Lola Roller Blade!

This game allows your child to shop in the Small Mart, sort Shopkins in the Homewares Store and even play with Petkins in Petkins Park. If you complete all of the activities, there’s a secret store to unlock too!


  • Explore the Shopville street and interact with your favorite Shopkins
  • Nine shops to play in
  • Earn coins to spend in shops
  • Interact with the Shoppies as well as Shopkins
  • Collect all Shopkins from series one to five

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Nemo’s Reef

Join Nemo on his latest Adventure – Nemo’s Reef! Using this app, your child can build their own reef, which can then be used as a home for all of the Nemo characters such as Dory, Bubbles and Gill. Nemo and his father are tasked with building the best reef in his class and it’s your child’s job to help him.


  • More than fifty types of fish for your child to discover
  • A large variety of plants and decorations for your custom reef
  • Sew rare seeds to grow plants which will attract unusual and interesting exotic fish.
  • Link up with your friends to see what they’ve acheived in their reefs

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Optimised for tablet use as well as phones, this is the official BFG app to compliment the Steven Spielberg film which is in cinemas this summer. Your child will love helping Sophie to journey from her orphanage through London, Giant Country, Copenhagen and more!

This game is based around the popular Candy Crush format with dream-catcher puzzle pieces to collect and boosters to use. The boosters in this game are of course BFG related, such as Snozzcumbers and Froscottles!


  • Boosters
  • Fun gifts
  • Social share features to enhance play
  • The BFG Fan Club – Sign up for news, updates, video tips and more


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YouTube Kids

This is the official YouTube Kids app and is designed for children with ease of use in mind*. Your child can explore and discover their favourite channels and playlists such as Peppa Pig, Sesame Street, Thomas & Friends, Talking Tom and DreamworksTV.

The videos on the app are split into four simple to use categories for you children – Shows, Music, Explore and Learning.


  • Big buttons
  • Instant Full screen
  • Easy scrolling
  • Chromecast facility
  • Built-in timer to control viewing time
  • Variable parental restriction options

*Parental set-up required

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Adventure Time: Masters of Ooo

This games is inspired by the popular Cartoon Network programme – Adventure Time. Your child will enter the Dungeon of the Crystal Eye as Finn the Human, just like the popular episode ‘Dungeon’. They will then battle through dark chambers, sneaky traps and scary monsters to find the illusive Crystal Eye.


  • Gadgets like the Shoes of Ooo
  • Mini games
  • Bonuses such as keys, gems, crystals, invisibility cloaks and skateboards

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