Google Santa Tracker with over 20 free games

Each year we feature the best way for you to track Father Christmas online with your children. This year we are featuring Google’s Santa Tracker again. This website has been running throughout December and is packed full of ways to entertain your little ones whilst they eagerly await the jolly fat man’s arrival!

The fun begins in Santa’s village, where there is a running countdown to his take-off on Sunday (Christmas Eve), as well as advent calendar style layout to explore.

Each day this month, there has been a new feature unlocked on Google’s Santa Tracker. Today for example, ‘Snowball Storm’ has been published, this fun and fast-paced game sees your elf character dropped by parachute from the sky into a snowball fight scenario. Other games include a Map Quiz and a Santa Search. Santa search will keep your children busy for a while with a concept similar to Where’s Wally?.