Isle of Wight Pokémon Go – Map And More!

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*Update – 03/08/2016* Over the last few weeks, Pokémon Go maps to aid players have been taken down from the Internet. Unfortunately, this means that we have had to remove the Isle of Wight version that we had previously shared in this blog. If and when a new map is available, we will update and notify readers through our social media pages.

People all over the Isle of Wight are downloading and playing Pokémon Go. The craze has players hooked, from school children to adults, almost everyone is playing it or has at least downloaded it out of curiosity.

A Pokémon game for mobile devices was always going to be popular, but coupled with it being free to download for iOS or Android means it’s storming the charts.

Pokemon-trainer-avatar-Pokemon-GoFor those who haven’t experienced the game, the aim is simple. You begin by building your own avatar (see left) and then enter the game which talks you through tutorials or allows you to go it alone. The main screen layout of Pokémon Go looks like Google Maps and replicates your hometown (or wherever you actually are), allowing you to explore your own neighbourhood and discover Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) which you can then catch and keep in your ‘Pokédex’. There are several ways to enjoy the game, some players just collect their favourite Pokémon and some take it to the extreme, training their Pokémon to be the best and most powerful and taking over local Pokémon ‘gyms’.

Pokémon Go has been praised and criticised in equal measures, with critics saying that it is dangerous to physical health (such as the risk of being run-over whilst hunting Pokémon) and mental health (too much screen time) and evangelists explaining that it’s getting players out exploring their local surroundings and further afield. The important thing to remember is to limit time spent on the game and always be aware of what is going on around you when playing, places such as the beaches or fields are great for avoiding danger, but be careful you don’t veer off course without realising!

On the island there’s even a dedicated fan group – Isle of Wight Pokémon Go Explorers… Here, players are sharing their favourite finds, tips and building teams together. Even Isle of Wight businesses are now encouraging customers to visit by using themed products and teasers about what Pokémon secrets are hiding on their premises!

Hogshead Pokemon StopPokemon cocktail black sheep isle of wight

Pokemon stop Maplin Isle of Wight

Haven’t experienced Pokemon Go for yourself yet? You can Download it for free now…

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