The new NHS app – is your GP registered?

Did you know that the new NHS app is now available on to download on Google Play and the Apple app store? All GP practices are being connected to the app this year following a successful pilot. Anyone can download the app, but not all functions will be available in all areas immediately. It is hoped that all GPs will be connected and fully accessible to users by July 2019.

Features of the new NHS app

You can now:

If your GP practice is connected, you are able register and verify your identity so that you can:

How to get started…

Identify yourself

Before you start, make sure you have a UK passport or UK driving licence to hand to verify your identity. You will also need the details of your GP surgery – its name and address. Open the app and swipe through the introductory screens. Eventually, you’ll land on the ‘Check what features you can use’ screen. Enter the name or postcode of your GP surgery in the box and tap Continue.

Select your GP surgery

Scroll through the list of results and tap the name and address of your GP surgery. Next, you’ll see a list of all the NHS App features currently available at your surgery. If four or more are ticked, it means your surgery is already connected, so tap Continue. If you don’t yet have an NHS login, select ‘No – I want to set one up’. Then tap Continue and follow the remaining steps.

Explore the app!

If your surgery only has ‘Check symptoms’ ticked when you select it, this means that it hasn’t yet been connected to the app, so advanced features aren’t currently available. Tap Continue, then enter your email address to be notified when your surgery becomes connected. Tap Continue, then ‘Go to home screen’. From here, you can choose ‘Check symptoms’ at any time if you have a non-urgent medical query.