July’s Top 5 Websites

Each month we will be scouring the internet to find you five fantastic websites to enjoy. This month we’ve found something for everyone – music fans, aspiring chefs, commuters and more! If you love discovering new or alternative music, then you’ll love Forgotify. This site gives you access to the least listened-to tracks on Spotify, just click ‘Start Listening’ and you can flick through thousands of forgotten tracks! There’s even an easy to use social share feature for when you discover a track that you love or a friend might like.

This month’s Top 5 Websites also features JustDeleteMe, which is great for unsubscribing easily from those pesky trials you may have signed up to but can’t seem to leave and the Hotel Wi-Fi Test, allowing you to share Wi-Fi capabilities with others on your travels.

Take some time-out and enjoy our favourite picks this month…

Forgotify Logo July's Top 5 Websites


Millions of songs on Spotify have been forgotten and the aim of Forgotify is to give them a new lease of life!

A fantastic site for music lovers.

Hotel wifi Logo July's Top 5 Websites

Hotel WiFi Test

Hotel WiFi Test is a site which is designed for travellers to help each other.  It’s comparable to Trip Advisor.

Here’s the idea. When you visit a hotel, you log in and use the Hotel Wi-Fi Test to let others know what the hotel’s WiFi broadband speed is capable of. You can share your result via Four Square or Twitter and it will even include the hotel’s handle in the Tweet for you.

The Nostalgia Machine Logo July's Top 5 Websites

The Nostalgia Machine

The Nostalgia Machine is fantastic if you are looking for something to pass the time or perhaps music of a specific era for a party.

Just enter any year as far back as 1960 and the site will present you with top hits from that year together with the official video where available. As an added bonus, you can then choose to open the songs and add them in to your own playlist on Disco.io!

Just Delete Me Logo July's Top 5 Websites


Have you ever tried to unsubscribe from a service and found it difficult, so you eventually give up? That’s why Justdelete.me was created.

Using a four point colour system, Justdelete.me will inform you whether the service that you’d like to leave is easy, medium, hard or impossible (yes, that does happen!) to leave. If it is possible to leave/unsubcribe from the service in question, Justdelete.me will provide step by step instructions.

Supercook Logo July's Top 5 Websites

Super Cook

Super Cook is perfect for when you’re feeling uninspired in the kitchen, but would like something different to eat and don’t want to go shopping. This app allows you to enter only the ingredients that you have at home and then suggests meals for you to make with them.

No more frustration when you realise you’re missing one or two ingredients – perfect!

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